Transparency is key

Our principles


Just like how Vendee shows you what other companies are doing with your data, you'll be able to see how Vendee uses your data.


Too many companies today store data on users for the sake of it, data they don't need. We store the minimum essential info required to offer our services.


It's your data, you own it, you control it. You can delete the data Vendee has on you at any time.

How do we make money?

At the moment we don't make any money. We're currently exploring different revenue models.

One option is to make Vendee a freemium product. Everyone will have access to the basic set of features for free and additional features will be provided for a monthly subscription fee.

The second revenue model we're exploring is based on fairly rewarding consumers for their attention. Users can choose to receive marketing emails paid for by businesses and they keep the majority of the revenue generated.

We'd love to hear any thoughts you might have on these!

Privacy and Security

We're striving to make Vendee open source software that uses zero knowledge encryption.

Implementing zero knowledge encryption would mean that only you, the user, would have access to your data. Even a Vendee employee wouldn't be able to access your data.

Making Vendee open source would mean that anybody can review the code and ensure our services work as we claim. We believe through transparency we can earn trust.